The Variety Of Tea

Hello Stranger,

This week I am going to be reviewing the wonder that is tea. I love tea. Seriously, give me a warm cup of it and I am like a cat next to a warm fire. As long as I don’t make it because I make shocking English tea! I love many types of this spiffing beverage:

Loose Leaf Lemongrass Tea   Lemongrass and Green Tea bags

Lemongrass Tea:

This is the first one that got me hooked on the varieties of the tea world. This is because while I was in Mexico I wasn’t recommended to drink the water because my body wasn’t used to it. So I had to drink bottled water and fizzy drinks. This was alright for a few days but my body didn’t seem to like that. So while I was at breakfast one morning my dad recommended to me lemongrass tea because I like lemon flavoured things. It was awesome. It tasted sweet but tangy and the same time. It had a great after taste which is good because normally with tea I find the after taste off putting and somewhat horrible. But this tea was pretty good. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I just drink normal tea? Well I did but as with most countries, the normal tea was not the same. I did have it a few times but it wasn’t that great. So after taking most of these teabags home with me I quickly came to realise that, lemongrass tea bags aren’t sold in the UK in the big superstores. So I cut down on the lemongrass tea for a while and I currently have 2 of them left. I did find many types of lemongrass in different shops. I went in Holland and Barrett and tried out there Green Tea and Lemongrass tea bags, but in my opinion they didn’t taste great. This is because I don’t really like Green Tea and I thought that they might taste more lemony. So I used these ones for a while and I have to say they do grow on you. But while I was in Bath the other day I spotted a tea shop! At last! So I went to the Teahouse Emporium on Bond Street and looked around and found at last, Lemongrass tea!!

Loose Leaf Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea:

Much like the Lemongrass tea I starting drinking Peppermint tea in Mexico as well. I didn’t like this one that much but after a few cups, it grew on me. The one over in Mexico was quite strong no matter how long you left the tea bag in and seemed to have a very, seriously, strong after taste. Which, I didn’t like much. So when I got back to the UK I tried out some basic Sainsbury’s tea bags, which I have to say aren’t strong one bit. They come in a variety of sizes which is great and they don’t leave a bad after taste in your mouth. These are very good value for money as they do the job and don’t cost much one bit. Then again while I was in the Teahouse Emporium I did buy large loose leaf Mint tea. This tea is really good. It is fresh and wakes you up when you’re feeling sleepy. It’s not that expensive either which is a bonus for me! I would recommend going there if you live near Bath and you are a lover of tea.

Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea:

I have only recently tried this one as I have always wanted too but never got round to doing so. So while I was in the tea shop this week I asked about this unknown beverage. The dude behind the counter told me there where many types. I said I had no idea which one I wanted to get because I had never tried it before. He told me the types he had going where; Earl Grey, Rose Earl Grey, Miss Grey (Which is a citrus based blend) and another one which had a Jasmine aroma too it. I smelled all the lids to these tea types and picked out the original one because that’s the one I wanted to try. They did all smell beautiful and I will go back and get another type but original one will satisfy me for now. When I got back home I tried it out and I think it is the most relaxing and calming tea I have tried as of late. It has a slight sweet taste too it and has a tree type aroma. The after taste isn’t the greatest in my opinion, but hey whatever floats your little tea boat.

Stump Teapot:

My Teapot is a loose leaf tea pot designed for one cup of tea. I received it as a Christmas present last year and I have to say its pretty fabulous. It has a very aesthetically pleasing design and is very ergonomically friendly as it is made of ceramics with a stainless steal lid and inner leaf holder. One downside I will say is that the part where you put the leaves in is very difficult to clean if you use small leaf tea due to the fine mesh its made of. The reason why I wanted a red one is because its my favourite colour but there are many other colours available. This teapot is great for people who don’t like sharing!

Teahouse Emporium Bath:

Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea:

Lemongrass Tea: (In store)

Earl Grey Tea:

Stump Teapot:


All images photographed by Charlie Hall


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