Catfish and The Bottlemen – The Balcony

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The Balcony by Catfish and the Bottlemen

The Balcony - Catfish and the Bottlemen

This is a band I recently found whilst going through the Alternative charts on the iTunes store as I was looking for some new music in my life. This happens often as you can only listen to so much Coldplay. Fact. The first song I listened to by Catfish was called Cocoon which is track 3 on the album. I feel this song is about meeting someone for the first time and the fun of learning what the person is like and what they like and dislike etc. This properly isn’t what the band intended the song to reflect, but hey all sorts of people. I watched the video for this song and I feel it all matches beautifully and mushes into one solid piece of art. This is feel is shown in the fast upbeat start to the song and then what feels like a slower chorus. This I feel makes the song seem poetic, almost. Like a story. Overall this song is a very catchy one and I simply love the build up to the chorus with the drum beat and the almost spoken simpleness of it.

Another song from the album that I simply love is Rango which is track 9. I had this song on repeat for an entire day. No joke. Its catchy upbeatness made me really happy and wanting to live life to the full all day. It’s more of a paced song compared to Cocoon as it has a short build up to the main sha-bang. The chorus. This short silence gives it a very dramatic effect. I first listened to this song with headphones in and I honestly thought they had broken, again. But no, it was the quiet of the night before the bird song in my ears. It fits perfectly to the songs ambiance and purpose. It gives it a lift halfway through which helps make it more of a dramatic song on the album. The guitar is perfectly merged with the main drum beat that carries everything along swimmingly. The ending of this song is like the chorus, short, sweet and abrupt in motivation.

The whole album over all is one that I feel is exciting and fresh in my ears. It’s an album that will never get tiring as it gets older, it will be like good cheese and mature with time. The way the songs are arranged as well helps keep it all in shape. Opening with Homesick, which is a (I want to say slow cause it is but it’s not at the same time) beautiful vocally put song with great guitar and drum combos. Then at the end it’s a combination of Sidewinder and Tyrants which finish it off on a very road trip type way. With the guitars and floaty voices and the side essence of freedom and responsibility. Which I love. The ending to the whole album is done beautifully by Tyrants and its Peace type guitar fade out and soft background vocals that sound like Snow Patrol. I also love the fact that I was fooled into thinking it had ended at least twice due to the amazing guitar drops. When it comes to the actual ending, it hits you like the death of a favourite character.

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